Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quack Deutsch pledges to end civil rights for women

It'd be scary if it weren't so Stoogesque, Marxistic or Mouseketeerian.

Several SDGOP legislators, including quack, Fred Deutsch, are learning from delegates that a state income tax is the best way to fund education in a state last among neighboring states in teachers' salaries.

Fred Deutsch: "I asked to serve on the task force – I bring a background of serving on school board – but my request wasn’t granted." Fred is a sectarian who just attended an anti-civil rights conference featuring one of the Duck Dynasty philosophers.

The nut wing of SDGOP is denying the Anthropocene, the American Genocide, and the legacy of slavery while losers scramble to cover up the crimes being committed against South Dakota's workforce.

South Dakota deserves the legislature it suffers.

Rich women have full reproductive freedom while women at middle and lower income levels experience chilling effects on their rights. South Dakota's repeated attempts to restrict access to medical care is not only mean-spirited, it's discriminatory anti-choice extremism.

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