Thursday, July 2, 2015

Polyandry is the next marriage battleground

Talk about a slippery slope.

Polygamy and pedophilia are already legal in South Dakota as far as Marty Jackley is concerned. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a known criminal enterprise living in the Black Hills. It's a community where plural marriages to children by old white men are not only accepted they're encouraged.

Twin Cities lawyer Joshua Newville represents six South Dakota couples who last year filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court seeking marriage equality in the state. Speaking on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio he said it's no longer same-sex marriage it's just marriage now.
A Sioux Falls lawmaker who introduced legislation that would have ended state licensing of marriages says he will likely make another run at the issue next year. But an effort to end state licensing of marriages won't be embraced by all groups that support traditional marriage. [Jonathan Ellis, Lawmaker: End state marriage licensing]
Colonial America was a haven for plural marriages. But a single woman marrying two or three men? That's the real battleground in South Dakota and other states.

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