Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Petition: urge Gettysburg cops to remove racist badges

To: The Chief of Police, Bill Wainman, the Mayor, Bill Wuttke, and the City Council of Gettysburg, South Dakota. We demand that you remove the Confederate Flag from your police badges and police vehicles.
Read and sign here.

KENT: Civil War finally comes to an end.
The Potter County city of Gettysburg will not be removing the Confederate Flag from patches of the police department. ["...Without the war, and without the Battle of Gettysburg, we would not be the same City that we are. The Chief of Police, Bill Wainman, the Mayor, Bill Wuttke, and the City Council have no intentions of changing the police patch."]
Read that here.

Jim Kent has an outline of Gettysburg's history linked here.

Reading comments under some of the Rapid City Journal's articles can be horrifying and cringeworthy. Such is the case under one of Kent's most recent columns.
There “may” be some tensions between Native Americans and white folks. Still, at least we’re not fighting over the Confederate flag. The only symbol on the table here is the proposed re-designation of Harney Peak to Hinhan Kaga — with one of two primary objections from state legislators being that the new name would be too hard to pronounce. Guess that leaves racism conveniently out of our lexicon. [KENT: Racism beat drives on across country]
The Journal has censored Kent, also a free-lance producer for South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

Expect many more symbols of white supremacy at the Sturgis Rally.

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