Monday, July 20, 2015

Fleming done with South Dakota Democratic Party

Pull numbers out of your rectum and distribute them to fellow inmates at your own peril.
I’ve given up on the Democratic Party in South Dakota, Larry. It has become (at least for now) irrelevant and in my opinion counter-productive. [comment, Bill Fleming]
Whatever perceived evils surrounding cannabis already exist and continuing to reward a black market is neither conservative nor sustainable. Unrestrained capitalism has killed millions during the war on drugs with zero results: self-reliance or moral hazard?

But go to SDDP's website, Facebook page and twitter feed and see evidence of a lack of leadership, even lifelessness.

This blog is with Bill: if the South Dakota Democratic Party is too gutless to embrace legal cannabis enlist South Dakota Progress to lead.

The South Dakota Democratic Party has twelve hours to show signs of life or this forum will reject its agenda and support the Libertarian Party's efforts through the 2016 election.

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