Saturday, July 11, 2015

Daugaard leadership lapses force USDA to protect kids, FEMA to pick up climate pieces

South Dakota's GOP governor doesn't care one whit about the state's kids but he sure likes handouts.

The US Department of Agriculture's National Hunger Hotline provides information about meal sites where children 18 years old and under can get free, nutritious meals through the USDA Summer Food Service Program.
The participating location nearest to Madison is the Boys and Girls Club of Moody County, which is offering noon meals, Monday through Friday, through August 19. Pastor Constanze Hagmaier said a summer meal program is "much needed," as she sees and hears about a rise in need during the summer, when children are at home and parents need to feed them, but have no means to do so.
Read it all here.

For the umpteenth time this year climate denier, Gov. Denny Daugaard is begging the Federal Emergency Management Agency to survey the effects of climate disruptions on his red moocher state.

Candidate Daugaard drew gasps from a State Fair audience in 2010 when he said: “I am skeptical about the science that suggests global warming is man-caused or can be corrected by man-made efforts."

The state's Department of Ecocide and Natural Ruination has failed to protect wetlands and watersheds forcing the US Environmental Protection Agency to step in to guard children from GOP donors while South Dakota Game, Fish and Parking Lot Construction plots to end the lives of endangered species.

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