Thursday, July 9, 2015

Adelstein: pay no attention to the racists behind the curtain

You have crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

The cop who managed 'a bunch of racists' was sworn in as Rapid City's mayor.
In the end, our new mayor, Steve Allender, received 8,538 votes, or 54 percent of the vote, while his opponent, former Mayor Sam Kooiker, received 7,312, or 46 percent. More interesting is that without the votes from Kooiker’s home precinct and those precincts in Ward 1 susceptible to the dishonest suggestion of racism, Allender received 59 percent of the vote — 7,163 votes to 5,078 for Kooiker. The former mayor’s continued false attacks on Councilmember Charity Doyle are not only dishonest but deliberately malicious. No one in Rapid City believes that the choice of the chief of police had the vaguest element of racism. The support by nearly 60 percent of Rapid City's population bodes well for a more productive, less confrontational and economical growth-oriented future for our town. [LTE, grudznick]
Uh, grud?
“I would be eating lunch and Steve would say, ‘What’s on the menu today, a bowl of guts?’ Or if I was eating a sandwich he would say, ‘What you eating, a slab of lab?’ You know Labrador, a dog,” he said. “Then it rubbed off on the secretaries. I was right out in the squad room and I’d be sitting there eating a sandwich and the secretaries would say, ‘What you having today Glen, a slab of lab?’”
Read that here.

Stupid state.

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