Tuesday, June 23, 2015

VA replaces Black Hills director after contractor botched EIS

The Veterans Administration is undergoing a nationwide shakeup and South Dakota is getting rattled.
The Department of Veterans Affairs appointed of [sic] Sandra L. Horsman as the new director of the VA Black Hills Health Care System. She most recently served as chief human resources officer, VA Midwest Health Care Network, Eagan, Minn. [KOTA teevee]
Labat Environmental, Inc., the independent contractor hired by the VA Black Hills Health Care System (BHHCS) to conduct a federally required Environment Impact Statement (EIS) regarding the Hot Springs VA campus has announced the draft EIS that was expected this spring will be delayed 90 days. Time required for detailed analysis of the alternatives and the potential environmental effects of the alternatives were underestimated in the contractor’s original project plan. In addition, as initial analyses were completed, it was found more detailed information and analysis was required to draw conclusions regarding potential environmental effects. [Hot Springs Star]
As South Dakota's GOP congressional delegation bangs the drums of war veterans are being ignored.
The most recent survey estimated that 467 veterans in South Dakota are homeless, defined as living on the streets, in a car, with friends and family or in a motel, says Chuck Albrecht, a Vietnam veteran who volunteers with the Sioux Falls Vet Center. [Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
Hot Springs is taking advantage of press from the success of the Cold Brook Fire to expand its tourism reach.
Nancy Suprenant, the State DOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator agreed. “It’s a unique situation, where all of the interested parties are in one place at the same time to brainstorm ideas. It doesn’t always happen like this.” [Hot Springs Star]
Extremist GOP legislator, Betty Olson seemed shocked by the healing effects of fire on the mal-named Custer National Forest in her weekly sermon, the Grand River Roundup.

In the SDGOP one hand has no idea what the other hand does.

The VA and Indian Health Service should be merged.

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