Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thune: screw local control

John Thune is all about giving the nanny state control over industry.

Just when you thought you knew what John stands for South Dakota's senior US Senator wants to take control from railroads and give it the federal Surface Transportation Board.
The bill would, in part, authorize the board to investigate and resolve matters like service disputes, allowing regulators to tackle rail disruptions before they lead to major issues. Thune's bill still needs a companion in the U.S. House.
Read it here.

Thune lives to showboat and grandstand at taxpayer expense while pretending to be a conservative.

As South Dakota gets pounded again by unusually strong hail-producing summer thunderstorms Senator John Thune wants to kill funding for local National Weather Service forecasting and the earth sciences.
Dan Sobien, president of the NWS Employees Organization, said the bill could be expensive to implement, would endanger the public and put more than 1,000 meteorologists out of work. He questioned whether NWS workers would want to move to another city. “You would lose that local expertise, that local climatic knowledge,” Sobien said. “The fact that somebody in Sioux Falls is issuing the warnings for that area, they know the area. You’re going to lose that if the person issuing that warning is coming from Chicago or Memphis.” [Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
South Dakota's senior senator flip-flopped on climate change:
Notice something different about Sen. John Thune? “Climate change is occurring, it’s always occurring,” Thune said. “There are a number of factors that contribute to that, including human activity. The question is, what are we going to do about it and at what cost?” Thune now clearly comes down on the side of the vast majority of scientists when he acknowledges climate change. He even notes that man does contribute, in some measure, to climate change, and that it is something that lawmakers can affect. [editorial, Aberdeen American News]
Read the Washington Post article linked here.

Nobel Prize winner, Professor Paul Krugman is concerned that Thune and the Republicans want to destroy America.
Our inability to invest doesn’t reflect something wrong with “Washington”; it reflects the destructive ideology that has taken over the Republican Party. The federal government could easily have provided aid to the states to help them spend — in fact, the stimulus bill included such aid, which was one main reason public investment briefly increased. But once the G.O.P. took control of the House, any chance of more money for infrastructure vanished. [Ideology and Investment]
Thune wants to wrest expeditious fuel treatments from land managers, too.

$20 bucks says South Dakota voters won't be seeing John Thune's name in two places on a ballot any time soon.

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