Tuesday, June 2, 2015

South Dakota Republican leads corruption rally

Who could have known that South Dakota, ranked #2 in corrupt state governments, would be called out by Republican Lora Hubbel?
Hubbel, who in 2010 was elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives for 2 years, and also unsuccessfully ran for the Republican nomination for Governor of South Dakota in the 2014 race, says why she joined in on the rally this past weekend. [KCCR Radio News]
South Dakota is one of several failed GOP-controlled states where the governor is denying affordable medical insurance to the working class.

Democratic lawmaker, Jason Frehrichs has been named to the newly formed “River Basin Natural Resource District Oversight Advisory Task Force.” South Dakota is suffering from impaired watersheds after a former GOP governor gutted environmental protection and created the conditions for massive corruption.

GOP lawgiver, Deb Peters is decrying opacity in the Obama administration while completely ignoring graft and pay-to-play in Pierre.

South Dakota's sitting GOP governor has just appointed a Future Fund recipient and pay-to-player, Tim Bjork, to a seat on a water management board. Bjork gave at least a thousand simoleons to Denny Daugaard's reelection campaign after receiving kickbacks from the governor.

I swear.

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