Tuesday, June 16, 2015

South Dakota 51st in DUI enforcement

Self-reliance or moral hazard?

Source: WalletHub

Not just spikes in disease transmission rates and more violent crimes in the Rounds/Daugaard/Jackley era.
“Twenty-five percent of the drivers in South Dakota tell us that they're driven drunk within the last 12 months,’ said John Korkow, USD Addiction Studies Professor. Korkow says while ages 18 to 30 are most likely to drive under the influence, he says there's an increase of those who are newly-retired driving drunk. [KDLT]
According to Ashley Miller, chronic disease epidemiologist for the Department of Health, the number of students who are overweight or obese has plateaued in the past several years. She says that 175 of the state’s schools submit weight and height measurements for the department to calculate the obesity rate of kindergarten through high school age students. Miller says the state’s 2013-2014 school data found that 15.8 percent of South Dakota students were obese and another 16.5 percent were overweight. A total of 175 schools submitted student height and weight data for this latest survey, which accounts for 31.5 percent of the all the students in the state. [WNAX]
Kill 'em all and let Dog sort 'em out: right, Marty?

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