Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sibson: Cabela's taking taxpayers for a ride

Cabela's has always extorted cities throughout the United States by exploiting tax increment financing.
Cabela's was what began the development along Mitchell's I-90 corridor. Then came Walmart and Main Street business, the north-side mall, and Kmart all took major hits. We no longer have elected governmental entities at the local, state, and federal levels that represent the people. Instead we have oligarchies that form informal public/private partnerships on Chamber and Development boards that end up moving public dollars into the pockets of private entities. The general public benefit little, if at all. The big winners are the crony capitalists.
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The Aberdeen American News put its content behind aSteve Sibson wants control.
Sibson has lived in Mitchell most of his life, attending Mitchell schools from the seventh grade through high school. He earned his master's in accounting from the University of South Dakota in Vermillion in 1983, then started working in Mitchell. He is now the vision controller—aka head accountant—at Toshiba. "I'm just putting my hand up saying, I'm willing to lead the process. But a leader is not a leader if there's no followers."
Read that here at no charge while you still can. paywall.

Toshiba has recently been exposed for "accounting irregularities."

Sibson is a christianic militant, a creationist and, after an episode of temporal lobe epilepsy, he is tortured by dissociative personality disorder presenting as delusions of divine guidance.

Smaller government in South Dakota would mean about thirty fewer county seats than 65 and Dakota State University in Madison would become a community college instead of a four-year regental university.

Fact is: patients like Steve Sibson, who is suffering from an acute mental illness and Pat Powers, plagued with food addictions, should be banned from owning firearms. With the wave of domestic terrorism attacks sweeping the US law enforcement should have their eyes on those two.

Thank Gaia, Sibson lost his school board run.

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