Thursday, June 11, 2015

SDGOP blogger embraces usury but cannabis prohibition not nanny-statism

While admitting he has just recently availed himself the services of a pawn shop Pat Powers is stumbling drunk through a nanny state minefield decrying proposals that would mean more consumer protection from predatory pawn brokers and quickie loan joints while upholding that same state's mandate to deny drug therapies to patients with life-threatening medical conditions.

South Dakota's lieutenant governor seems to be voicing his support for cannabis:
South Dakota is home to people of many different backgrounds, and we need to work to continue advancing medicines that could help all of our state’s residents. It is important that we all spread the word about the need for diversity enrollment in clinical trials and the value and benefits of increased participation by underrepresented communities. [op-ed, Lt. Governor Matt Michels]
Yes, the initiative and referendum processes are blunt instruments but they're the people's weapons to resist the tyranny of one-party rule.

Cannabis is showing to be an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress while alcohol certainly is not.

When democracy is outlawed only outlaws will have democracy.

I swear.

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