Thursday, June 4, 2015

Obama administration denies dole to moocher state

South Dakota's GOP congressional delegation has failed to bring home the bacon again.
South Dakota has been told FEMA will not provide individual assistance for residents affected by the E-F2 tornado that struck in May. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate said in a letter to the state that the damage to homes and businesses was not severe enough to warrant federal assistance.
Read it here.

Candidate Dennis Daugaard drew gasps from a State Fair audience in 2010 when he said: “I am skeptical about the science that suggests global warming is man-caused or can be corrected by man-made efforts."

A trustworthy or competent US Representative would call out the failures of the Daugaard regime but making South Dakota a perpetual federal disaster area is the only way Republicans know how to pay the bills.

South Dakota's GOP governor, whose party voted to impeach President Obama, began the process of begging the White House for more money to mitigate red state failure falling even further into the abyss.

The 'small government' delegation is trying to force the feds to pay for damage caused by a 2013 fuel treatment that escaped containment.

The US Environment Protection Agency has been struggling to reverse a century of devastation caused by South Dakota's ag producers and by the mining industry.

Conservative means never having to tell the truth.

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