Friday, June 26, 2015

Nanny state spying on Rainbow Family in Occupied Black Hills

This blogger may have inadvertently help select the seed camp for the Rainbow Family of Living Light.
According to Capt. Jay Evenson with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Department, deputies have been assigned to patrols every day into the evening near the gathering spot. “To ensure public and employee safety, and cultural and natural resource protection, Forest Service personnel are on-site daily,” said BHNF supervisor Craig Bobzien. [Hill City Prevailer-News]
My inbox is on the media list for the Strong Heart Warrior Society along with some fifty other news outlets and journalists.
A delegation of the Traditional Lakota Oyate in collaboration with supportive Rainbow Family members will move to evict the Black Hills "Occupy Rainbow" Gathering on Thursday. This follows twelve days of intense action to encourage the Rainbow gathering to leave the unceded Lakota Territory. [press release, Cante Tenza]
There is no reason to copy and paste the entire letter since you can read it here.

News aggregator Indianz used a photo taken by this blogger in stories about Pe 'Sla which is just a few miles from the Rainbow Gathering as the eagle flies.

interested party is widely read in Montana where many Rainbow Family members live or pass through.

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a known criminal enterprise living in the Black Hills; and, the Sturgis Rally, a gun-toting, alcohol-frenzied, drug-induced, sex-trafficking white supremacist's wet dream, endure with the blessings of South Dakota's law enforcement industry.

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