Monday, June 1, 2015

Medicaid expansion in South Dakota just a matter of time

With the federal government weaning noncompliant GOP governors from the handouts they use use to pay off donors the conventional wisdom suggests that Denny Daugaard is nearing the end of his rope and will be extending access to affordable medical care because the hospital lobby that put him in office will force him to.
Senator Bernie Hunhoff of Yankton has been a strong supporter of the expansion, which would bring about twenty six thousand people into health care coverage. He says talks continue between Pierre and Washington. Hunhoff and other supporters point to what they say could be hundreds of millions of federal dollars coming to the state. [WNAX]
Hunhoff believes much more work needs to be done on funding education in South Dakota and that South Dakota should institute a corporate income tax in order to raise funds for education.

Sen. Hunhoff said that the visit from President Obama missed some opportunities in South Dakota.

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