Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FSST cannabis plan beginning to bud

The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe is continuing to develop their plan to begin cultivating and distributing cannabis according to President Tony Reider.
If all goes as planned, FSST will become the first tribe in the state to legalize the sale of cannabis across its whole territory. FSST, which already operates a casino on its land, is looking at this business operation as a source of revenue that would allow the community to develop housing, build an addiction treatment center and improve the local clinic, among other projects. Tribal leaders estimate a monthly profit of up to $2 million a month. Reider said the tribe is working with a company that has growing facilities in Colorado and California that will develop the cultivation site on the reservation and advise the tribe on the operation. FSST plans to make an announcement soon on who that growing partner will be. [Moody County Enterprise]
The tribe recently severed its relationship with the Flandreau's police department.

US tribes are considered the 51st State by federal agencies including by the Department of the Interior.

Tribes can do this: the South Dakota Legislature should be kept out of the cannabis loop completely unless Deadwood chooses to be the test bed off-reservation.

If the South Dakota Democratic Party is too timid to tackle legal cannabis the task should fall to the fledgling South Dakota Progress.

Walsenburg, Colorado is driving a cannabis mega-grow operation to begin revitalizing part of its historic downtown.

Not only is South Dakota 51st in enforcing Driving Under the Influence laws the state's GOP-owned Supreme Court has ruled its implied consent statute is impaired; yet, Marty Jackley, another GOP operative in the state's Reichstag, is marching toward a blockage of the FSST's cannabis project.

I swear

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