Monday, June 1, 2015

Ecoffey: Rapid City mayoral election easy as red and white

Rich white people want Steve Allender to win; the working class and American Indians will reelect Sam Kooiker.
Lately the hype around the potential impact of the Native vote has quickly been followed by the disappointment associated with our people’s failure to show up at the polls, but this election may be different. The city has become a racial hotbed fueled by more than 100 years of biased media reporting about Native people in the local news, poverty, an absent relationship with the city’s law enforcement and the failure of the city’s justice system to equally apply the law to all races. The choice is very simple: Will Native Americans in the city reelect a man that has made real efforts to incorporate them into the decision-making process, or do we elect a man, who through his work while head of the Rapid City Police Department, has done just the opposite? [Brandon Ecoffey, Indian Country Today]
Flip a coin, Rapid City, then expect to lose either way.

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