Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Deadwood demolishes preservation amendments

Deadwood voters rejected amendments proposed to the city's historic preservation ordinance. The move strengthens preservation by keeping the process in the hands of the Historic Preservation Commission instead at the whims of a political body like the city commission.

The Rapid City Journal has removed a piece by Deadwood-area reporter, Tom Griffith. That article detailed a failed city commission candidate's attack on the mayor and council over their hesitation over a proposed shooting range.

Nutcase Greg Vecchi, who lost his bid for a commission seat to far better qualified candidates, wants to build a bar with an attached firing range in the Northern Hills community and attacked sitting members of the governing body who oppose it.

The parent company of the Rapid City Journal, Lee Enterprises, is known for supporting extreme right wing causes. Griffith is married to Nyla Griffith who sits on the South Dakota Democratic Party State Committee.

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