Friday, May 15, 2015

Westra's's Bush advert has too many apostrophes'

Anyone believing Jeb Bush has satisfactorily litigated his part in the 2001 Florida presidential voting results that put his brother in the White House is delusional.

South Dakota's current GOP governor left the door ajar for ethics-negative John Thune to run for Veep but since he can't pass the vetting process New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez could be running mate for Jeb Bush, the GOP's probable choice.

‘Your brother created ISIS': Student calls out Jeb Bush on Middle East politics. Read that at Raw Story.

And the SDGOP blog flubbed the fix to its header. Smaller government in South Dakota would mean about thirty fewer county seats than 65 and Dakota State University in Madison would become a community college instead of a four-year regental university. A smaller federal government would mean more poor writers like Steve Westra, Pat Powers and Steve Sibson.

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