Thursday, May 21, 2015

RCJ editorial: South Dakota fumbled Medicaid ball on purpose

Have a Koch and a smile, Denny.

South Dakota's governor hates its residents.
State officials and lawmakers in Pierre are fond of criticizing the federal government for its deficit spending, bloated and lethargic bureaucracy, and legendary inefficiencies, all reasonable observations. A Republican state senator, Larry Tidemann of Brookings, did use the opportunity, however, to blame the federal government when he said, “we recognize the problems that have been imposed on us and the state of South Dakota.” The problem with his statement is that it suggests the state bears no responsibility and should not be held accountable for the long delay. Once the state of South Dakota agreed to accept $62 million from the federal government, it certainly accepted some responsibility to implement the new system as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Read it here.

Bob Mercer rakes the Daugaard administration over the coals, too: linked here.

On the Sioux Falls Argus Leader's media experiment, 100 Eyes the panelists were asked how long South Dakota's GOP governor can hold out from expanding Medicaid.

With the federal government weaning noncompliant GOP governors from the handouts they use use to pay off donors the conventional wisdom suggests that Denny Daugaard is nearing the end of his rope and will be extending access to affordable medical care because the hospital lobby that put him in office will force him to.

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