Monday, May 11, 2015

Petersen: Allender would make fine mayor

Bonny Petersen is a leader within the South Dakota Democratic Party, her letter to the editor appears in the Rapid City Journal.
Steve Allender will make an excellent mayor. Over the four years I served on the city council, I got to know and admire Steve Allender. During his time as police chief, he earned the respect of the city department heads and the city council. He is a thoughtful man that cares about people. He understands how city hall works and will strive to make improvements. Most importantly, Steve Allender is a man of integrity. He is an excellent choice. Vote for Steve Allender. — Bonny Petersen, Rapid City
Even as GOP Rapid City's current mayor, Sam Kooiker announced for another rerun under a federal microscope investigating the city's culture of racism, crime is spiking as desperation is gripping the community.

At least three South Dakota blogs running adverts for Rapid City's incumbent mayor are roasting Allender for comments that to some might be considered racist.

Anyone believing Sam Kooiker is an effective mayor is delusional.

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