Friday, May 8, 2015

Obama puts SD delegation, governor on the spot at LATI commencement

Watching South Dakota's GOP governor squirming on the dais while President Obama laid out his vision for the future of education was cringeworthy. All the members of the state's GOP-glutted delegation were in attendance and must have been wincing as the president proposed free community college presenting Lake Area Technical Institute as a model for advanced training.

Tapping a loophole for the richest Americans President Obama sees light for those who seeking a path to the middle class through technical education while South Dakota's GOP legislature blocks funding. One GOP US senator wants to eliminate the US Department of Education. DoE provided the template for LATI's tuition calculator.

South Dakota nurses 65 county seats and 6+ four year regental universities: how is that conservative or sustainable in a state starved for a more progressive tack especially when its rudder is mired in that stubborn Republican gumbo?

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