Friday, May 29, 2015

Motorcyclist killed by deer just a bump on road to Sturgis

Portending the carnage expected during the 75th running of the Harleys 52-year-old Mary M. Sataya was killed just west of Aladdin, Wyoming where her motorcycle struck a deer. After colliding with the ungulate, Sataya's motorcycle crossed both lanes of the highway, hit a guardrail then was transported to Spearfish Regional Hospital where she died.

During the Sturgis Rally riders loop through Aladdin to Hulett and Devils Tower then back through Sundance. Highways are often crowded to capacity and drunken bikers can be seen weaving over every roadway in the Black Hills. Deer are unpredictable and now join bighorn sheep, recently released by the South Dakota's GOP wildlife 'management' arm, as obstacles to avoid.

As Wyoming's economy retools from oil, coal and a history of workplace deaths the state has become a more desirable tourist destination especially during the Rally where dying is just part of the fun.

Republicans in Wyoming chalk up biker deaths as necessary for the common weal just as South Dakota GOPers do.

As hypocrisy reigns supreme at the highest levels of power in South Dakota residents will endure another Sturgis Rally where this year up to a million attendees will spend an average of a thousand dollars each so the sitting governor can crow about his leadership and self-reliance while moral hazards pay the bills.

A Casper Star-Trib report left at least one reader wondering about the disposition of the deer.

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