Saturday, May 23, 2015

KSOO censors Epp

Thank you for your help Larry. I hadn’t even seen the story Todd Epp (a part-time contributor) had posted about the Sturgis Rally. When I received your email commenting on Todd’s “opinion” I immediately went to our KSOO 1140 web site and read the story. Faster than Todd Epp could say, “HUH?” I took the story down. I need to apologize and take responsibility for the story being posted. I’m Don Jacobs, the Market Manager/VP of the Eight Results Radio/Townsquare Media Radio Stations in Sioux Falls.
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No, not this Larry.

A post on Sturgis went up on this blog earlier on the day the KSOO column appeared. While Todd and I disagree on many things he is a lawyer with integrity, I am not; but, we're singing the same tune to his libretto narrating another Sturgis Rally as a bacchanal contradicting South Dakota's purported wholesomeness.

Epp's previous post on the Rally still survives linked here.

South Dakota's mainstream media are flooded with assurances that law enforcement have plans to keep a million drunken bikers well-corralled and to pay no attention to the rocket launchers behind the curtain.

Note the link in Todd's tweet going nowhere:

Update, 25 May, 0835 MDT: Epp deleted above tweet but he left these two up.


  1. Wish I could have read Epps post. Sounds like I'd agree wholeheartedly. How many a year die on the roads? five?. Sure there are some benefits to our state and some entertaining moments but to provide the platform for the booze, drugs, sex trafficking, lewdness and debauchery, and crime makes Sturgis a loser for our state. And to think my friend Chuck Brennan wants to import some of the aforementioned elements of trailer trash and the riffraff carnival scene from Sturgis to Sioux Falls. No thanks.

    1. I didn't even think to copy it, Steve: that a station manager would take it down is unconscionable if not a chilling effect on Todd's right to dissent.


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