Monday, May 4, 2015

Hickey: video lootery bilking low income South Dakotans

I'm really liking Steve Hickey these days: not only is he the most progressive GOP legislator in South Dakota, he has the guts to take on the failures of his own party.

He wants the state to fly flags at half-mast during President Obama's visit to raise awareness of suicides in Indian Country.

Flouting the Indian Child Welfare Act the State of South Dakota has seized thousands of American Indian children then placing them in the white foster care industry.

Hickey spoke with KCCR Radio and is imploring the legislature to address the racial tensions between tribal nations trapped in the state and the white people who make the rules off-reservation.

Rep. Hickey abhors the death penalty and supports executive clemency for Leonard Peltier, America's longest serving prisoner of war.


  1. What is a progressive? If it's another word for liberal that's not what I am.

  2. Granted, progressive Republican is an oxymoron, Steve and exactly why the sentence was constructed to reflect your passion for many of the same issues as many of us progressives do. Many Democrats are using 'progressive' as a counter to 'liberal' as the label tends to be used as a pejorative by the opposition. Most in our party, however, see Clinton is a liberal while Sanders is seen as more progressive.

    Bernie Hunhoff is a progressive Democrat; Huether, a liberal.

    Good to have you grace my humble garden, Rep. Hickey.


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