Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Government acquires more land near Pierre

There must be a joke in this story somewhere.

The Pierre City Commission just approved the purchase of 30 acres of land for $850,000 to allow the construction of a sewer line to service nearly 1,100 acres that can’t be developed until it has a way to move out its waste water.
State officials said Tuesday a Hughes County grand jury has indicted Pierre’s former longtime sewer works superintendent on 10 counts alleging he lied for more than a year in official reports about how well the city’s wastewater was treated before it was dumped into the Missouri River. [Pierre Capital Journal]
Still struggling to find a reason for people to fly into Pierre, the city's GOP mayor is calling for the town to be scrubbed down after the legislative session.

If Texas leads with over fifty journalists covering Austin and South Dakota's number covering Pierre approaches zero the Reichstag has already purged the truth.

In South Dakota when Republicans buy land for government it's to protect business with political patronage but when Democrats do it it's a land grab or worse: it's socialism.

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