Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fuel treatment planned for Fort Pierre National Grassland

Federal agencies always coordinate prescribed burns with local and state officials while using weather models to optimize fuel treatment effectiveness.
The burn will encompass 320 acres in the Dry Hole Chester Pasture in northwestern Lyman County. The burn will be about 5 and a half miles north of Vivian on the west side of Highway 83. Smoke will be visible from Vivian, Pierre, Fort Pierre, Draper and Murdo. Lyman County lifted their burn ban in mid-May. [KCCR Radio]
The Fort Pierre National Grassland, like the Sioux Ranger District of the mal-named Custer Gallatin National Forest is managed from outside South Dakota.

South Dakota's senior GOP US Senator kind of blew it blaming the superintendent of Wind Cave National Park for setting a prescribed fire under nearly perfect conditions; but South Dakota's vulnerable senior senator wants to control how science fights fire with fire by introducing grandstand legislation that would hamper those efforts.

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