Monday, May 25, 2015

Epp flees KSOO, mounts political pig; Newland goes national

Look who is playing Hide the Corndog with Pat!

I swear.
Memorial Day Weekend is the “unofficial” start to summer in South Dakota. Cooked meat waits for no one at the Epp household! [DakotaFoodie]
Epp seems to have abandoned Northern Plains News, too.

Hey, Governor Daugaard: it's time to pardon Bob Newland!
A marijuana legalization activist from South Dakota has filed paperwork for two ballot initiatives to ban alcohol and tobacco to make state policies “consistent” with marijuana penalties. Bob Newland, of the group Consistent South Dakota, filed the two initiatives with the secretary of state’s office earlier this year, and last week Attorney General Marty Jackley’s office released explanations of the measures as required by law.
Read it here.

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