Friday, May 1, 2015

Editorial jeers Noem's IRS hypocrisy

Kristi Noem wants to sit on a US House death panel.
A new staff report by Republicans on the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee criticized [IRS] spending priorities; one member, South Dakota GOP Rep. Kristi Noem declared it looks like IRS was “purposely harming taxpayers” by not having more customer service reps to answer filers’ calls. This from a member of the party that’s worked so hard to gut the ACA by whatever means possible, including starving involved agencies? If helping average taxpayers was the GOP’s goal it would make sure the agency that deals with them most has the resources to do the job right. [editorial, Lockport Union-Sun and Journal]
She's raising campaign cash out of one side of her mouth while decrying Big Government out the other side even as the national GOP is rethinking whether all that money is really free speech.

South Dakota's lone representative is boasting about voting to give 20 SDGOP donors a tax break even lying about why her family business had to take out a loan after the death of her father.

So much for trying to upstage President Obama.
If you were planning on attending that roundtable discussion with Congresswoman Kristi Noem in Watertown this afternoon—you can stay home. Noem has had to cancel the event. She was scheduled to talk with local business and community leaders about small business issues, taxes and health care, but a spokeswoman says she needs to remain in Washington today.
Read it here.

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