Friday, May 15, 2015

USDA: human vectors spreading avian flu

Self-reliance or moral hazard?
As the outbreak of avian flu continues to spread across the Midwest, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Friday that the spread of the virus could be caused by human "lateral movements." “The issue isn’t so much that people don’t think that we are providing the answers. Sometimes they don’t like the answer we’re providing,” said Vilsack. “But we’re providing the answer that minimizes the spread of this. And we’re providing the answer that will ensure that if they have a reoccurrence of this that they’re not going to be stuck in a situation where we can’t reimburse them because they didn’t follow the guidelines."
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South Dakota's GOP congressional delegation has been seeking federal cash for small-government producers either too stupid to protect their flocks and hate the US Environmental Protection Agency or know that Unca Sugatit will bail them out...again.

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