Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gallup: American majority support reproductive rights

The recent increase in the pro-choice side has occurred almost equally among men and women. However, for men, this has not compensated for the larger drop in their identification as pro-choice in 2012. As a result, a slight gender gap has emerged over the last three years, with women more likely than men to be pro-choice. This contrasts with 2001 through 2011, when there was virtually no gender gap.
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Democrat Paula Hawks, a champion for reproductive rights, is publicly weighing a run for South Dakota's lone US House seat. The sitting US Representative is an anti-civil rights extremist.
Hawks, a representative from Hartford, said Tuesday she will likely make a decision before July. Hawks says her priority is the constituents in her state House district, but she says she’s willing to take on a new role in the future that best serves the people of South Dakota. [DRG News]
Raising the money for an expensive statewide run would take some massive fundraising to match a well-financed opponent in a state where the sitting US Representative has been bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers, Big Ag and 20 wealthy SDGOP donors.

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