Monday, April 13, 2015

Tuesday's Black Hills election roster posted

Via KBHB Radio:

Tuesday is municipal election day, and there are several races around the Black Hills. Below is a rundown of the candidates for each race in various towns:
Sturgis Council:
Ward 1
Rod Bradley
Dave Rhoden
Ward 2
Marcia Johnston (i)
Tony Dargatz
Ward 4
Tim Potts (i)
Adam Martin

Belle Fourche:
Gloria Landphere
Gary Hendrickson (i)
Wyatt Hix
Ward 1
Chrisann Mateer (i)
Troy Shockey
Ward 2
Katie Satzinger
Phil McNally
Ward 3
Toni Moncur (i)
James Agar

Box Elder:
Mark Coatney
Wiliam F. Griffiths Sr.(i)
Larry Larson
Michael Hanson
Ward 1
Carolyn Haddenham (i)
Bruce Hegel
Ward 3
Steven Cowley (i)
Josh Kelly

Board of Trustees
Cathryn Madison
Sandra McLain

City Commission
Mark Speirs
Greg Vecchi
Georgeann Silvernail (i)
Gary Todd (i)

Other Issues:
Permit Diagonal Parking on Main Street
Require a vote before demolishing or destroying historic property

Dale O’Dea (i)
Jerry Davidson

George Mandas (i)
Gary Grosz

Ward 1
Dan Hodgs
Marty Clark

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