Monday, April 20, 2015

Rounds foot-dragging on AG advances cannabis policy

Narcs are playing a key role in western North Dakota’s drug scene.

On 4/20 South Dakota's junior senator is signaling support for Attorney General Eric Holder's drive to bring cannabis into the mainstream. While Tike Mike Rounds says he'll vote to bring Loretta Lynch's nomination to the Senate floor his final no vote will keep Holder at the Department of Justice.
Yet, one thing is quite clear. Loretta Lynch holds a less reform-oriented position on marijuana than does President Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder. As the nation’s top law enforcement official her influence on the issue will be substantial, and a new Justice Department status quo could be a real possibility. [John Hudak, Brookings Institution]
U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy believes cannabis shows medical value and supports its expanded research as medicine.

Unaffiliated or so-called 'independent' voters support legal cannabis overwhelmingly.

Racism and guns are bolstering Republican gains in the West while young people, cannabis rights advocates and Latino voters support Democratic efforts.

With the help of the GOP establishment the ethics-negative Rounds bought his Senate seat by bringing a former Republican senator to run as a liberal siphoning resources and votes from a more qualified Democratic candidate.

Rounds is now pimping his grandchildren to divert attention from his Bendagate foibles.

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