Friday, April 3, 2015

Pressler gunning for Thune

Larry Pressler is worried about America. "I think we're slipping in the wrong direction," the former U.S. senator said Thursday. Pressler said the conservative South Dakota Legislature should consider implementing a state income tax, allow for gay civil unions and reconsider the new raised speed limit. He said people need to learn how to follow before they can lead. [Mitchell Daily Republic]
Pressler was recruited for the 2014 US Senate race by Republican strategists to run as a liberal siphoning resources and votes from Democrat, Rick Weiland.

The state's junior senator, Republican Mike Rounds, is a disgraced former governor implicated in a scam that traded favors for green cards and the bilking of his partners in a flood insurance scheme.

South Dakota's senior senator, ethically compromised Republican John Thune, is considered vulnerable to defeat in 2016. Thune is South Dakota's Bob Menendez.

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