Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Obama Watertown host to team with Habitat

Building Trades students from Lake Area Technical Institute are partnering with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity on a Watertown construction project. [KWAT Radio]
LATI is scheduled to host President Obama who will deliver the commencement speech for the Class of '15. Under his leadership confidence in the economy is at its highest since the Great Recession.

Habitat for Humanity enjoys the support of Rosalynn and former Pres. Jimmy Carter. Carter tried to save the world during his Presidency but nobody cared.

President Jimmy Carter spoke March 6, 2015 in Minneapolis at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum sponsored by Augsburg College. His book is titled, "A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power." [Minnesota Public Radio]
Reading reports from District 28's Republican senator Betty Olson can be a bit of a trip. One has to suspend some disbelief when reading lines like these:
I got HCR 1003 urging the federal government to abolish the US Department of Education passed in the Senate on Thursday. Pres. Carter inflicted the Dept. of Education on us in 1979 so the feds could dictate to the states how we educate our children. If the Dept. of Ed. was abolished, it would save between $30 and $50 billion that could go toward the $18 trillion national debt and allow the states to control education. [Communities, Rapid City Journal]
Cuba is Earth's second most literate country; the US is tied for 20th.

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