Monday, April 20, 2015

Noem fleeing T Party, now bilking DC, taxpayers

Kristi Noem wants to sit on a US House death panel.

She's raising campaign cash out of one side of her mouth while decrying Big Government out the other side even as the national GOP is rethinking whether all that money is really free speech.

South Dakota's lone representative is boasting about voting to give 20 SDGOP donors a tax break even lying about why her family business had to take out a loan after the death of her father.
Asked to defend this, Republican leaders – the same leaders who balk at all requests for public investment, saying the nation is too “broke” to fund domestic priorities – say it’s only “fair” to approve a $269 billion giveaway to the hyper-wealthy. It’s like Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens got together to write a novel, and Congress’ majority wants Americans to live in it. [MSNBC]
Kristi Noem's ALEC handlers are putting the screws to her.
The US House passed a budget resolution that could make major changes in how Medicare operates. South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem says the plan would expand means testing as a way of covering costs. Noem says the changes would not really take effect for some time. Senior citizens can sign up for Medicare when they turn 65, but starting in 2024, that would increase by two months a year, eventually moving up to age 67. In that same time, the plan would change into a voucher program, where seniors could buy coverage on a health insurance exchange. [WNAX]
Too funny.
Helping middle class families take advantage of the benefits of the health care law, like ensuring millions of seniors and people with disabilities have access to more affordable prescription medications and free preventive services through Medicare, should be a top priority for lawmakers in Washington. Yet instead of working to fix the law, Congresswoman Noem and her tea party friends have voted to repeal the health care law more than 40 times. They even shut down the government to prevent new benefits, like saving seniors money on prescription drugs and preventative services, from taking effect. [South Dakota Democratic Party]
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