Saturday, April 18, 2015

Maher to rally SD Dems

Update, 19 April, 0620 MDT:
Schultz, Democrats heap scorn on Republicans on issues ranging from environmental regulations to economic policies. "Our battle is a battle for the people of South Dakota, it's a battle for humanity, and it's just a plain battle for decency," said party Vice Chairman Joe Lowe. [Rapid City Journal]

South Dakota Democratic Party interim Executive Director Zach Nistler announced today that Bill Maher will appear at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls on Sept. 13. Maher will help sustain the momentum Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is expected to bring to McGovern Day 2015. President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Watertown on May 8.

The author of this blog doesn't use teevee but knows that Maher started his career as an equal opportunity offender but now has become a committed roaster of Republican failures and candidates.

Maher has called the first Obama years the "White Term" and his second "The African-American Term."

Railing on the religious tone of the Republican Party he has said:
The only Catholics not using birth control are priests.
It's better to leave kids in the road than hiring Republicans as babysitters.
On President Obama's patience with the GOP, Maher said:
Among Republicans Obama is like a Special Ed teacher.
Maher said he supports capital punishment. He mused about the militant Right saying:
Guys named Vern and Earl expect to take on the FBI and Homeland Security.
More on the GOP field:
Newt Gingich is so slimy he would die if someone hit him with a box of salt. Sarah Palin having a show on the Discovery Channel is like me having a show on the Christian Broadcasting Network.
In the final minutes of a show after a drink of water and a glance at his notes on a small lighted lectern stage left, he said: ", I'm not hear to mock religion..."

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