Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hickey: SD racism looks like Deep South

GOP legislator, Steve Hickey wants the state to fly flags at half-mast during President Obama's visit to raise awareness of suicides in Indian Country.

Hickey spoke with KCCR Radio and is imploring the legislature to address the racial tensions between tribal nations trapped in the state and the white people who make the rules off-reservation.
From my end of the state I’ll continue to push the formation of a Truth and Reconciliation commission like the one that helped S. Africa get past the atrocities and racial tensions after apartheid. There have been 40 such commissions worldwide since the first and most famous one in S. Africa. They have gone by a variety of names. The one in Peru was called a historical clarification commission. They have worked to move societies out of a painful past and contentious present into a good future together. You can continue to be stuck and stubborn your present attitude and mindset but we are all worse off for it. My view is we need leaders who also lead the conversation and are willing to engage the public on blogs and in the press. If you want someone who sits there and goes along and does and saying nothing noteworthy please help that someone beat me this upcoming election. [comment, Rep. Steve Hickey]
The election of GOPer John Thune forced the Wakpa Sica Reconciliation Place into bankruptcy.

Flouting the Indian Child Welfare Act South Dakota has been seizing thousands of American Indian children then placing them in the white foster care industry while reaping billions from the federal government.

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  1. Good on you, Steve Hickey. A truth and reconciliation commission is sorely needed. Many in South Dakota see their interaction with native people as a contest. If the poor and underprivileged get a leg up it doesn't drag down the white people's lot in life. Living together isn't the Vikings vs the Packers for those with such low self esteem as to make it competitive.


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