Friday, April 17, 2015

Dems to announce some campaigns at McGovern Day gala

Oglala Lakota County is not just the bluest county in South Dakota; it's the most Democratic county in the nation.

The South Dakota Democratic Party is expected to announce candidates for some races at Saturday's McGovern Day 2015. This year's gathering features an address from Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Rep. Schultz has called the GOP presidential field a bunch of "wackadoodles."

SDDP Chair Ann Tornberg said the party wants to field candidates for as many races as possible. "It's important for voters to have an election," Tornberg said. Activist Democrat and former US House contender, Jeff Barth said current At-large Representative Kristi Noem is an easier target for Democrats this cycle than last.

McGovern Day dinners historically feature three main awards: one for an up-and-coming member under 30; one for lifetime achievement; another for a recognized grassroots party builder.

When he ran for Congress in 2012, Barth was told he wasn’t “progressive” enough. He was the only Democratic candidate who publicly supported gay marriage.

When only two South Dakota natives know what wins elections in that state, life might be easier if the author of The Dakota Progressive just jams a fork up his nose.

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