Monday, April 27, 2015

Cannabis already legal in parts of South Dakota

Hey guess what the ninth most important cash crop in South Dakota is.

Brandon Ecoffey is editor of Lakota Country Times.
Over a year ago I had a conversation with former OST councilman Larry Eagle Bull Sr. about the possibility of legalizing marijuana on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. At that time we estimated that tribes would have approximately a 3 year window to establish its own industry before the rest of the country rapidly legalizes and big corporations take over production. Last week when the Wounded Knee district board passed a motion indicated that at least some in the district support legalization the debate picked up steam once again. The citizens of the Oglala Nation deserve to have a strong economy and legalized pot may be the quickest way to achieve it. [Ecoffey, posted at Indianz]
Deadwood and tribal gaming are inextricably linked. Revenue from the sales of cannabis would require a change in the state's constitution just as it was to enter gaming compacts with tribal nations. South Dakota's gaming commission could regulate off-reservation cultivation and sales.
A Senate committee approved a measure Wednesday that would allow terminally ill patients access to treatments that aren't FDA approved but have undergone some testing. Rep. Leslie Heinemann, R-Flandreau, is the prime sponsor of House Bill 1080. The bill is written to waive liability and also makes participation voluntary for patients, doctors and drug companies, Heinemann says. "When patients come see us as physicians, they're not only looking for ways to get better, they're also looking for hope," Sen. Blake Curd, R-Sioux Falls, said.
Read more at KELO teevee linked here.
The South Dakota Democratic Party supports:
10. Ongoing evidence-based research into the use of alternative medical therapies for specific patient populations.
11. The patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality and the resources to make an informed decision in one’s health care.
Addiction? After some guy named Janklow closed the brothels in Deadwood for political gain to cover up his being implicated in the death of Jancita Eagle Deer, Bill Walsh and Tom Blair pressed a five-dollar bet limit to preserve historic Deadwood because the Syndicate Building burned to the ground.

South Dakota's junior senator signaled support for Attorney General Eric Holder's drive to bring cannabis into the mainstream by voting against Lynch's confirmation to succeed Holder.

U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy believes cannabis shows medical value and supports its expanded research as medicine.

Unaffiliated or so-called 'independent' voters support legal cannabis overwhelmingly.

Racism and guns are bolstering Republican gains in the West while young people, cannabis rights advocates and Latino voters support Democratic efforts.

Tribes can do this: the South Dakota Legislature should be kept out of the cannabis loop completely unless Deadwood chooses to be the test bed off-reservation.

If the South Dakota Democratic Party is too timid to tackle legal cannabis the task should fall to the fledgling South Dakota Progress.


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  2. As with video lottery, once the tribes have embraced this fantastic economic opportunity the SOW's (selfish overprivileged whites) will follow like a puppy to the food bowl. - Porter Lansing

    1. How should South Dakota regulate cannabis in your view, Mr. Lansing?

    2. Thank-you for asking, sir. Just last weekend a delegation of lawmakers from Nevada were in CO and toured several grow facilities. Their consensus was favorable. Colorado has worked diligently to institute a set of regulations many years ago and updates and refines them each legislative session. Using these as a paradigm would be a great beginning. I'll briefly touch on a couple things that should not be unaddressed. First is labels for edibles. In no case should a MMJ product be manufactured and labeled to resemble any type of candy or food product. Another big problem is people who try to use the refuse from marijuana (the shake) to make hash oil and wax in their homes. Explosions have occurred, already. In fact, not allowing hash, hash oil and wax all together might be a solution as so many SoDakians have the entreprenurial spirit. Packaging must be in opaque childproof containers But, overall it's been a smooth transition to legal weed with none of the conservative "end of the world" predictions coming true. Each town in CO has the right to forbid sales in their area and many have. I believe the state got $76 million in taxes on $576 million in sales in year one and the legislature is still deciding on the way it'll be spent. My favorite is a fleet of fire suppressing aircraft for forest fire mitigation, thus not having to wait in line with other states for federal planes when it's a dry summer. These planes can be rented to SoDak or Utah or CA when it's a wet year. Finally though, Mr. Kurtz since SoDak is known for it penchant for legal gambling what're the odds that you'll get legal weed statewide before Minnesota? Slim, I'd predict.

    3. Mr. Lansing, could you sketch a legal instrument conforming to ICC rules that would allow the transport to South Dakota the seeds or clones necessary to cultivate cannabis that would satisfy the state's attorney general?

    4. Mr. Kurtz ... You're attempting to solicit a stranger on the internet to commit a felony. I'd expect the FBI to be notified. #FoolishFellow FYI .... first you have an election and make it legal, duh!!!

    5. Cannabis is already legal in parts of South Dakota, Mr. Lansing. Nothing wrong with brainstorming ideas to increase opportunities for some of the state's least fortunate. Some in Indian Country call cannabis "pez-shi" or medicine.

  3. My friends in Pine Ridge, Porcupine, Faith and Eagle Butte would be rightly offended that you think they're not capable of beginning an economic enterprise without the aid of a wasiciu interloper. Or are you a tribal member?

    1. While i am the member of no indigenous community, 200+ tribal members and First Nations peoples follow me on twitter, Mr. Lansing many of whom retweet me and applaud my coverage of issues in Indian Country like Pe 'Sla.

      Tribal nations are clearly capable of growing their own industries like horse abattoirs, for instance, without any help from me.

  4. Harney Peak should be renamed Black Elk and those spouting hate on Pat Powers blog are the reason why. In fact, "Not until every native home has a granite countertop made from the demolished faces of Mt. Rushmore will justice begin to be served!" - Porter Lansing 2015

  5. Harney Peak’s Lakota name is “Hinhan Kaga” or the place of owls: it was made higher than Odakota Mountain by white people with concrete.

    The Standing Rock doesn't recognize the state border and is considering hemp and North Dakota has legalized it where seeds, not clones, can be imported from Canada.

  6. ..... nice The first legal USA hemp crop (with seeds from Canada) was harvested in CO last fall and more is being planted. (and for anyone reading this from "war collage" [sic] The Black Hills aren't in South Dakota; they border South Dakota.

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  8. "peji"- short for pejuta, nowadays shortened clear to "pej".

    "Imitates Owl", I'm getting that from PR's main language preservationist.

    I spent years thinking it was wakinyan kaga paha, so I'm still figuring this one out too.

    I say Fuck Pierre on all levels regarding anything tribal cannabis/hemp.

    Fuck them with an ice cold unlubricated plasticized hemp dildo.

  9. My bad. From Buechel's Lakota Dictionary:

    Peji- grass, hay, herbs

    not short for pejuta, medicine, but they are obviously related lakota terms.


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