Monday, April 13, 2015

100eyes: Obama visit announcement 'imminent'

Update, 1950 MDT:
President Obama will visit South Dakota in May to deliver the 2015 commencement speech for Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown. The President told KSFY's Nancy Naeve about the visit in an exclusive interview on Monday. South Dakota is the only state Obama has not visited since he took over the Oval Office. [KSFY]

President Obama is expected to visit South Dakota before the end of his term. He will be shown the sights by Tom Daschle.

Former Senate leader Tom Daschle will speak in Aberdeen Tuesday at the Aspire Foundation's inaugural dinner and fundraiser. [Aberdeen American News]
Does anyone believe he could be a force in South Dakota politics again?


  1. Larry,

    Did Jessie Pinkman get a new gig on 100 Eyes?


    1. i know, right? now they're saying a Dem legislator will announce a run against Kristi soon!

  2. "Details about tickets to the commencement and further information about the president's travel to South Dakota will be released in the coming days." KWAT Radio News


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