Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thune, Rounds pushing nuclear war in Middle East

Both the White House and Congressional Democrats aren’t happy with 47 Republican Senators who sent a letter to Iranian leaders. The 47 Republican senators, including South Dakota’s John Thune and Mike Rounds, said in the letter that an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program that isn’t ratified by Congress would only be an executive agreement. This would run the risk of cancelation should the next President wish to do so. Democrats say these 47 senators are bypassing and weakening the President’s push to reach a deal to limit the Iranian nuclear program. [KELO]
From Geoffrey Cowley writing at MSNBC:
Experts estimate that Israel now has 60 to 80 nuclear bombs, ranging from 20 kilotons to one megaton (1,000 kilotons) in destructive power. By the end of this decade, Israel could have 200 nukes in its arsenal, and Iran could have 20 smaller devices. Suppose, as the authors do, that Iran could hit three Israeli cities with 15-kiloton bombs—one reaching Haifa, one reaching Beer Sheva and two reaching Tel Aviv. Roughly 400,000 people would die in the initial blasts, the simulations show, and 230,000 would survive with burns and traumatic injuries. Tel Aviv alone would lose a quarter-million people (about 17% of its population), and 147,000 of its survivors would desperately need medical care.
Zionists, terrorists, war criminals: just a few truths being spoken to power. Last year, after Israel executed another round of extirpation attempts in Palestine, an outspoken world leader lashed out:
Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Israel's actions cannot be described as self-defense against Hamas rocket attacks, as the U.S. and other Israeli allies have done. He calls the offensive "terrorism."--AP at HuffPost.
Couldn't have said better myself.

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