Sunday, March 8, 2015

New poll: is Dakota War College still relevant?

Think about it: who in South Dakota really needs or wants GOP propaganda slathered over a polished turd?

The owner salts the comment section of DWC with anonymous attacks on Democrats and on Republicans with whom he disagrees even as the Chiesman Center for Democracy laments that voter fatigue and disgust threaten democracy in South Dakota.


  1. Cory asks the right question. When was elementary school bullying ever relevant to anything?

  2. Thank you, gentleman: just trying to be a kinder, gentler blogger!

  3. Btw: Pat threatened Sibby with taking him out of SDWC's sidebar if Steve didn't take down my comments.

  4. Really? What threats can we use to get Pat to take down Andrew Shiers' resurrected campaign of personal destruction against me from his comment section?

    1. Unless someone smarter than I attacks Pat's server he will spew whatever bile he can hack up and side with any serpent he can attract, Cory. Sad that he has any power over a witless pawn like Sibby.


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