Friday, February 13, 2015

SDGOP-owned SDBOR dropped student insurance because ObamaCare

The deadline to enroll in health insurance is approaching and students not covered on a health plan in 2015 are going to have a hefty fine on this year’s taxes. People not insured must enroll in a health insurance plan by Feb. 15 to be covered for 2015. After the deadline, there is not an opportunity to enroll in the health insurance marketplace until next year. The other options HHS recommends for young adults are not applicable for USD students. The South Dakota Board of Regents discontinued its Avera MyHealth Insurance Plan at the beginning of this school year. The SDBOR said “due to the significant increase in the proposed premiums” they were discontinuing the plan. Medicaid coverage could also be an option for students, but it’s difficult to get. South Dakota chose not to expand Medicaid with the Affordable Care Act, which gives residents limited opportunities for eligibility. [Michael Geheren, The Volante]
South Dakota Democrats are working in the legislature to expand Medicaid: WNAX.

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