Thursday, February 19, 2015

GOP legislators vote to move local control to state; fetus beheading bill turns to fairy dust

Update, 20 February, 0620 MST: John Hult's story linked here.
Republican Lana Greenfield of Doland joined Democrats Karen Soli and Paula Hawks in voting against the measure. The bill now moves to full House.

John Hult of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader covered South Dakota Legislature testimony today on a bill that would change language governing rules for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

Included with tweets from Dakota Rural Action the following is copied from Hult's live-tweeting the session [political affiliations have been added]:

Up now in House Local Government Committee: House Bill 1201, which would change the zoning rules for CAFOs, other developments.

Mickelson [R] talking about John Morrell plant in SD: 18,000 hogs a day slaughtered there, and 80 percent come from Iowa or Minnesota.

Rep. Mark Mickelson's bill would make it possible to grant conditional use permits on simple majorities if the county chooses to.

"This is not local control at all," Tyler [D] says of HB 1201.

There are 412 CAFOs permitted in SD. "Of those 412, there were six appeals," Tyler said.

Tyler appealed a permit for a 6,200-head dairy in her neighborhood (it was a half mile from her house).

The judge ruled in Tyler's favor, CAFO owner took the case to the Supreme Court.

"We need to look at what true local control here," Tyler said.

@DakotaRural · 4h 4 hours ago

Bill is clearly about promoting CAFOs despite the bill sponsors statement that CAFOs are only 1% of conditional use apps in Sd. #SDLeg

Chicoine: 'We were told that basically, we have no recourse," if chicken farm is approved. "If you want to appeal, you go to court."

Chicoine: "If the state is intent on bringing in corporate animal factories, the state is going to have to address the concerns of ruralSD."

Sabrina King of @DakotaRural up now. Says the debate is not pro-ag vs. anti-ag.

"This bill is a part of a comprehensive plan to make it easier to permit these (CAFOs)," King said.

King: Cows and pigs don't vote, they don't shop. Farmers do. The state should stop trying to pick winners and losers, she said.

King's done. Up now is Debra Barta of Hand County. She's fought a CAFO in her county.

Mickelson says there are 7,800 CAFO permits in Iowa. "You don't know what you're missing out on," in SD, he said.

Mickelson: "I'll tell you what's driving people out of the small counties: People who won't let in the next generation of agriculture."

Rep. Paula Hawks [D] has a question: Could somebody clarify for me who's put on a board of adjustment? Can they be elected official.

B of A decisions have to be appealed to circuit court (can't be referred), Tyler says

Mickelson weighs in on EPA question: "Most of the SD citizens, most of the legislators don't like the EPA."

@DakotaRural · 3h 3 hours ago

Brunner [R]: I'd rather live next to a cafo than a small farmer because small farmers do things wrong. Unbelievable. #SDLeg

Soli [D] says she's opposed to the bill. "We should hear from at least one opponent up here."

Again: Bill to allow conditional use permits (read: big feedlots) on a simple majority passes through House committee on 10-3 vote.

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