Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Doom and gloom mood at District 30 crackerbarrel

Filling the meeting room at the Brookside Apartments in Hot Springs to capacity with unusually high attendance, the District 30 crackerbarrel clustered GOP legislators Senator Bruce Rampelberg, Representatives Mike Verchio and Lance Russell.
Russell stated that school budgets are being cut to the bone. Verchio felt that local school districts are to blame for financial stress. He stated that it is not a lack of revenue but how the money is spent. Schools will participate in government programs and when the programs end they keep employees that are no longer needed. In regards to the low success rates of students, reported by Rampelberg, Kenneth Updike of the Oelrichs School District stated, “Let the teacher teach. Much of government funding is for testing and programs that seem to not be really helping students.” [Paula Tonemah, Hot Springs Star]


  1. A very small victory of sorts.


    1. Exactly, Tim. Seattle is considering $16 after implementing $15 and Washington State talking $12.


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