Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crackerbarrels, coffees expose education woes

South Dakota voters are concerned that the GOP-dominated legislature is driving the state back to the 19th Century.
Discussion over the topic of gun rights, specifically House Bill 1116, did, however, cause a divide during the third of four Legislative cracker barrel forums put on this year by the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce. [Bryan Horwath]
Roger Larsen of the Huron Plainsman penned a story about Rapid Citian Katrina Wilke's involvement with South Dakota Progress.
“We realized that one of the ways that we could do this is to start focusing on the local level,” Wilke said at the Beadle County Democratic Forum on Thursday. Wilke is a graduate of Texas A&M University. She was a student coordinator for Barack Obama in 2008 in Texas. Established just a few months ago, the organization has a steering committee she chairs, and is now looking to find people to serve on an executive board. The plan is to attract two people from East River, two from West River and two from Native American tribes. There will also be three at-large members, one of whom must be a registered tribal member. [Larsen]

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