Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Carroll: give Joe Lowe a crack at it

It is outrageous that a straightforward simple assault at a hockey game should proceed at the glacial pace reserved for homicide when the despicable act itself swept the community like wildfire. We need firefighters, not bureaucrats. Give Joe Lowe a crack at it. I agree with Indian Country Today’s view that had fortunes been reversed, Native perpetrators would be prominently seen on local TV news marching to county jail for swift justice. The only defense the current police chief has rests in finding some process transparency. It is frustrating in the extreme to live in state where hate crimes and race issues still dominate the news. Our Legislature appears content to agonize over issues like the 75 mile per hour passing rule and 600 other mostly minor bills with the integrity of the state at risk. It is hard to imagine our tepid response to these continuing assaults on human dignity.[Frank Carroll, A lack of leadership on tough issues]

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