Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tornberg, Lowe will lead South Dakota Dems

Ann Tornberg, of Beresford, has been selected by the party's state central committee as the new chairwoman. Joe Lowe, of Piedmont, will serve as the party's vice chairman. [KSFY]
Opinions are mixed. Here are some comments lifted from Madville Times:
Epidemic civic illiteracy in both parties fuels this largely pointless political combat that has raged for decades. Whether the head of a state political party supports or resists Roe and its progeny means nothing in jurisprudential reality, but almost everything in political reality. -- Patrick Duffy.
Now that Tornberg has won she has the pressure on her now to do what she has promised to do. Which is to get down to the county level, find candidates for local and legislative offices, and build up from there. We'll find good people that can move up to challenge for the national offices. I wish there could have been more time given for question and answers of the Tornberg and Barth but Nick Nemic did a good job of running the election. -- Owen.
As a Democrat, I feel betrayed by the SDDP. How do we expect the party to raise funds when we elect someone who does not believe in the rights of women to choose what happens to their own bodies. Yes, abortion is not a legal issue at this time, but it is a WOMAN's issue. If the woman at the head of our party is against a woman's right to choose, how do we expect women to financially or morally support the party. -- Robin Page.
So glad to see these supportive comments about our new chair. i agree completely. I voted for Ann and Joe. Both will lead our party into the next years and help us get ready for 2016. We are in good hands and I am excited about the new energy in the party. -- Mary Perpich
I leveraged quite a bit of what I felt to be constructive criticism at the party and Zach Crago and Deb Knecht were nothing but gracious and as far as I know SD Progress was listened to with full attention. I have found many of those in the party to be adults who may not like much what some of us muckrakers say, but they are listening and are not holding hard feelings. While I'm not longer with SD Progress, I still believe that to be true. -- Tasiyagnunpa Livermont.

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