Monday, December 1, 2014

SD Farmers Union wants to end property tax opt out

South Dakota Farmers Union members want the state to repeal the Property Tax freeze or opt out. President Doug Sombke says at last week’s convention they approved an amendment to their policy calling for elimination of that because it hinders the ability of local governments to gather funds. Sombke says opt outs are also keeping local governments from being able to meet road and infrastructure needs. He says they’re also costly and don’t provide any certainty. He says it’s also basically an issue of local control. Sombke says he’s talked to some legislators who see it as an interesting idea. He says they’ll take a look at getting some legislation passed next session to address this problem. [WNAX]
The Des Moines Register contrasts the views of the GOP rival to the Farmers Union:
The Farm Bureau's positions demonstrate a strong belief in the privatization of profit and the socialization of risk. In its view, agriculture and other industries should be incentivized or otherwise compensated by taxpayers when providing benefits to the public but should not be penalized when imposing costs on the public through pollution. [Mike Delaney, Farm Bureau 'no' on sensible actions]
Ann Tornberg, a family farmer, is chair of South Dakota's Union County Democrats: she is running for the top spot in the Democratic Party and is a supporter of the SD Farmers Union. Jeff Barth, chair of the Minnehaha County Dems, is also vying for the seat.

Clay County Commissioners hope to pass a wheel tax to pay for infrastructure improvements long-neglected by the state's Republican administrations.

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